Episode: 62

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How To Build Your Reputation And Become Recognized As An Expert By Collaborating Or Attention Hacking!

Today on the podcast:

Today’s podcast starts with the difference between building your reputation as coach or trainer and building your reputation as an expert or thought leader (and why they’re different).

Then we get into my methods for identifying who you should collaborate with, how to reach out to them (the right way) and how to build your reputation as an expert by being around the right people.

  1. Attention hacking – identify who has similar audiences to you and how to hack it.
  2. Lead with generosity and how that increases your chances for success.
  3. Hacking with a expert topic
  4. Collaborating with the right people and how proximity = power
  5. Network and building relationships the right way (don’t be a twat!)

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