Episode: 64

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Why New Online Businesses Fail and What You Need To Avoid! 

Today on the podcast:

If you want to move your business online OR have failed to move your business online and are still considering it as an option, then today’s episode is for you.

I use personal training and a fitness business as the example (as that’s what I’ve done), but it’s applicable to any online service based business. 

In today’s show, I go through a lot of my own past failures and experiences when it came to moving online. 

It took me three attempts to get my business off the ground; so if you’re in a similar position, you are in good company. 

Here’s the main topics of today’s episode. 

  • Avoid #1: Not having a system 05:07 
  • Avoid #2: Not having a niche 19:07 
  • Avoid #3: Overcommitting to work or not doing enough work (dying my indigestion vs dying from starvation) 30:14 
  • Avoid #4: Not testing and learning from mistakes 37:34 


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