Episode: 65

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

How To Find Your Zone Of Genius and Why You Need To Stay There!

Today on the podcast:

“What do you find easy that other people find difficult?”

We all have a zone of genius, some element of our business that we love and wish we could focus all of our attention on. 

If you’ve been a long term listener of this podcast, you know I’m a big believer in bringing your weaknesses to competence and doubling down on your strengths. 

Today’s episode is about how to identify those strengths so that you find your competitive advantage over other businesses.

·      What is your circle of competence? Do you need to stay in it or expand it? 

·      What part of your business are you genuinely most interested in?

·      What do u research in your spare time. The Google question. 

·      How can u package, offer or sell your zone of genius to generate revenue.

Show notes: 

#21: How To Make Yourself Recession Proof! 


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