Episode: 67

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The 5 Ways To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business! 

Today on the podcast:

Today’s episode is the A-Z guide on TikTok, how it works, how to get started and why you need to be on it. 

  1.   What exactly is TikTok and how the ForYouPage and algorithm currently work. 06:22 
  2.   Why you, as an entrepreneur, should be using and paying attention to TikTok (evergreen valley trends). 11:04 
  3.   How to get your first one thousand followers on TikTok and why you should get them onto your email list. 19:10 
  4.   How to use it to build your business – positioned as an expert vs brand awareness vs direct leads 28:06 
  5.   Plus 5 TikTok video ideas that you can start using right away. (Tips, dance trend, question reply, funny video trend, workout video) 39:38 39:38 


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