Episode: 8

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Q+A Failed Launches, New PT Tips, Moving Online, Getting Great Podcast Guests!

Today on the podcast:

  1. What to do if you launch an offer (PT) and no one responds?
  2. Recently qualified as a PT, what are your top 3 tips for starting off? 
  3. What to do if you’ve a good business but little knowledge of the industry?
  4. Do you think its possible to start PT online first. For example as a side hustle just to help people?
  5. I have a podcast, how do I get great guests?

Mastermind starting on 17th April 2019
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Brian is a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach.

He is the best selling author of the book The Fitness Mindset and currently travels the world as a professional speaker. He also hosts the #1 podcast The Brian Keane Podcast.

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