Episode: 40

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The December Mistakes To Watch Out For With Your Off Season Training and Eating! 

Today on the podcast:

December and January are prime months to work on your weaknesses ahead of any new season. However, with the unusual circumstances of this year, there are a few more pitfalls or potential mistakes to look out for this December and January. If you’re looking to maximize your off season, minimize your risk of injury and get the best out of the next two months, then today’s episode is for you.    
  1.     Training – under and over training   03:52
  2.     Nutrition – moving away from the bread and butter (pardon the pun)  16:45
  3.     Supplements – over reliance or not taking a long-term approach 24:08 24:08  
  4.     Sleep/Recovery – experimental phase  35:32
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