Episode: 46

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Falling Out Of Love With GAA? Consider This Before You Give It Up Playing..

Today on the podcast:

This has been coming into my social media a lot recently and wanted to do a ‘press record and talk’ podcast for the players who need it. This episode is more of an ‘advice to my younger self’ style podcast so if you’re looking for detailed sports nutrition or strength and conditioning, I’d probably skip this month’s episode. 

I hope it helps those who need it. 

  •       This happened to me and I wish I done things differently 02:36
  •       Find out why you’re lacking motivation – is it a new fitness goal? A new relationship? A new job? A new time in your life?  06:30
  •       Set a secondary goal and work towards that 09:49
  •       MED on training – how to train and recover for GAA and CrossFit, bodybuilding or endurance 13:03
  •       Give it until the end of the current season at least. People generally don’t mind that you want to pursue something different, just don’t leave them stuck mid-way through the season.  22:33

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