Episode: 48

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Q+A: Best Gym Exercises For GAA Players, Getting In Shape In Your Late 30’s, Building Muscle With No Weight Increase and Off Season vs Pre Season Gym/Running Programs!   

Today on the podcast:

October 2021 Q+A with Brian. 

  •     Best gym exercises for GAA Players?  00:59
  •     How can you stay the same weight but put on muscle?  08:18
  •     Getting back in shape from ground zero at 39, junior a, any tips? 14:51
  •     What would your off season and preseason gym and running program look like? 21:39


GAA Lean Body Program: http://bkf-nextjs.test/lean-body-program/

New GAA Graduate Program: http://bkf-nextjs.test/lean-body-program-graduate/

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