Today on the podcast:

I put up a question box for this episode on my Instagram last week; and I thought it would be all weight loss or diet related questions; but I was pleasantly surprised at the range of questions for this new year Q+A. Hopefully you enjoy it as we cover some previously unexplored topics. 

  1. I hear so much about sleep and how important it is, what do you recommend for someone who struggles with sleep? 01:19
  2. How did you prepare for marathons, road or treadmill and did the long distance affect your joints? 17:50
  3. What are your goals or new year resolutions for 2023? 24:51
  4. What advice do you have for someone who struggles with low self-esteem? 30:31
  5. I really struggle with anxiety when it comes to joining or going to the gym, how can I get over this? 41:12
  6. Any tips on making new friends? 49:54


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