Three Ways To Track Body Fat

  • By Brian Keane

If you watched yesterday’s YouTube video on losing weight vs losing body fat, the next logical question is ‘how should I track my body fat’?

As I mentioned in the video, tracking weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but if body composition or how you look is your primary goal, then your tracking method should reflect that. You don’t use the number in your bank account to track how good you are in bed so don’t use the scale to track how good you look.. just saying.

1: Bodyfat callipers:

These are normally best used with a coach who knows how to measure accurately; but the expensive ones (€100+) are normally very accurate. 

Skin fold test

2: Measuring tape:

If you don’t understand how to do a skin fold with body fat callipers, then a any basic measuring tape can work great. Measure your waist, arms, chest and legs and see if they are reducing week after week.

3: Photos

This was and still is my favourite way to track body fat. When I used to do fitness modelling, one of the gym phrases was ‘the mirror doesn’t lie’ and I think photos are the best way to track that over a period of time. 

In both my BKF Online and GAA Lean Body Program, photos are the primary method for tracking progress. The scale can fluctuate day to day, but photos won’t lie. 

If body composition is your goal on any program, and you look the same on week 1 as you do on week 6, then you have feedback you need to change something. 

If I only had one tracking method that I could use for the rest of my life. It would probably be photos.

Let me know your thoughts though, comment your favourite fat loss tracking method below.

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