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    10 Steps To Building The Fitness Habit – 6 Do’s and 4 Do Not’s!

    “Tell me what you do every day and I’ll tell you where you will be in a year” – Brian Keane Rewire Your Mindset book 2019 Habits play such a significant role in our lives from which shoe we tie first every morning to our food choices throughout the day. Thankfully, like most things, fitness…

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    The Pros and Cons Of The Whoop Fitness Wearable Device (This Is What I Found Using It EVERY DAY For Two Months)

    I’ve now been using the Whoop fitness wearable for two months straight and here’s what I found. Personally, I have been training in a gym for more than twenty years and I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over ten years and it’s very rare that I use something and think “oh my god…

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    18 Things To Do For Anxiety (and 3 Things To NEVER Do)

    When it comes to anxiety, sometimes subtraction is the best way forward. Removing, limiting or slowly and gradually exposing yourself to the causes, triggers or environments is generally pretty good advice. However for me, I found that I had to add some things to really get control of my daily anxiety. Some of these will…

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    5 Unusual Questions To Ask Yourself To Help With Your Mental Health!

    Your mind is swirling with the all the things that could go wrong in the future. Your thoughts are fixated on something in past that you can’t change, yet it grips you as if it were happening in this very moment. It feels like your mind is rebelling against you and it feels overwhelming or…

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    How Close Are You To Burning Out As A GAA Player? (And Four Ways To Avoid It)

    Do you fall asleep; but wake up feeling as tired or even more tired than when you went to bed? You train hard but still your pitch performance has seemingly stalled or plateaued? You go to the gym, but you still can’t drop the fat from your stomach or add any extra size? You eat…

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    6 potential downsides of extreme under-eating!

    The logic behind using extreme under-eating to achieve fat loss appears to make sense at first. A calorie deficit will result in weight loss in most cases. However, extreme under-eating actually does not lead to successful and sustainable fat loss. It fails because there are a lot of potential downsides. In this week’s video, we…

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    Banking Your Calories For The Weekend!

    I’ve tracked calories.. I have calculated my macros.. I’ve figured out the ‘My Fitness Pal’ App.. But I STILL can’t stick to my diet.. If you’ve done any of the three strategies above or even all three at once, then you understand that although knowing what to do is important, putting into practice in another beast entirely. One of my…

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    3 Things To Do BEFORE You Give Up!

    On the back of Wednesdays Instagram post where I spoke about going broke and ruffling through the back of my couch to get money for the bus; today’s piece is a follow up for anyone that is currently struggling with their diet, a training program, a personal relationships or even their job.  Here are my top…

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    Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) EAT BREAKFAST Every Day!

    Blasphemy, dissent, heresy!  These were just some of the terms thrown around by breakfast lovers when the intermittent fasting craze took the world by storm about 18 months ago.  One of my mentors used to tell me that ‘it’s easier to get someone to change their religion than to change their diet’ and this is how I…

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    Is This Why You Keep Pressing The Diet “F*ck it’ Button?

    It’s the weekend.. F*ck it, I’ll eat what I want.  It’s my sisters wedding.. F*ck it, she only gets married once (hopefully), I’ll eat what I want.  There’s ice cream in the fridge.. F*ck it, its Friday, I’m tired, I’ll just eat what I want. The moons of Jupiter are orbiting a weird way today.. F*ck it, I’ll…

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